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Hello, we are blups!

We are a team that was born from a rivality in the college, we wanted to create something new, something that was an experiencie but also help the environment

While we were in the college, each founder developed differents personal projects but they were not sucessful.

Everything was a faillure but exactly that was that let us to learn and create blups.

Some people say that the best ideas can come from everywhere, and that was how blups was born, in a cafeteria with hunger and after many failures.

Blups is an edible straw but moreover...

Its a food made with 100% natural ingredients. All of our ingredients are plant-based and no gluten. We don't add sugar to our straws, it's just real fruit, seaweed gellificant and stevia. We care about people who have food alergics, and that's why our suppliers and ingredients are certificate with no gluten, lactose and nuts.

we are the first chilean edible straw made with 100% plant-based ingredients. We offer a new experience through food that doesn't leave a trace!

blups experiencia
blups guayaba
blups frutilla

¿Did you know that an airplane with 88 passengers pollutes the same as the paper straws used by just one person?
That's right!, At first it may look like it's not much but just one paper straw pollute 5 times more than a plastic's one in CO2, increasing the deforestation just to use one single time. At the end of the day we are changing a waste problem with a future footprint's one just by maintaining the habit of use it and throw it away.
Our purpose

We look for reduce the pollution and footprint offering a roduct that is ecofriendly but moreover a food that transform itself in a experience without leaving a trace. Instead of just use it and throw it away, you can eat it.

We don't want to make you feel like it's a sacrifice to use eco-friendly products. blups is fun and different from the rest, you can stop worring about your straw because with blups you won't have a soggy straw never again and you'll help the environment.